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Definition of Quantity Surveyors

Modern quantity surveyors provide services that cover all aspects of procurement, contractual and project cost management. They can either work as consultants or they can be employed by a contractor or sub-contractor.

The main role of Quantity Surveyors is to estimate the building cost. Each building can be divided into different parts, cost of each part can be estimated and by adding cost of all parts quantity surveyorof building together will give contractors an estimated cost for the whole work. It's been proved in practice that by adding cost of quantities, material used for project and labour will provide us with the total cost of the project. We must not forget that the bill provided by quantity surveyor is an estimate and it is prepared before any work starts to give a contractor estimated cost. Contractor then agrees to do the work based on the estimated cost that represents the proposed work.

Position of Quantity surveyor came available after builders realised how much work it requires to do all the measurements and calculations and it would be much more cost effective for them all to employ one person to do it. As soon as they implement this in practice architects and employers soon realised the effectiveness of quantity surveyors.

As we've already learned above the estimated cost of construction work prepared by quantity surveyor is used for tendering. Each builder can therefore price the work that needs to be done based on same bill of quantities and this is what gives building industry a healthy competition.

Every good quantity surveyor must have a good knowledge of building materials and construction. Surveyor must be very systematic and careful to provide correct calculations as well as be able to visualise drawings and details. To make sure that the quantity bill is accurate, surveyor needs to be sure of all requirements of architects. Arranged bill needs to be clear and easily understood to prevent any costly misunderstandings.

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