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Marine Surveyors Marine Survey

Marine survey is an inspection of the vessel to determine the boat's structure and condition. Survey will then evaluate safety of the boat or what repairs are required. You should always get a proper survey done before purchasing vessel by honest and experienced marine surveyors.

Most of the people are not experienced enough to evaluate themselves condition of the boats and it's crucial from especially safety point of view to be aware of any defects of the vessel before purchase. With marine survey, you are not only getting peace of mind but you are also getting all information you need for future maintenance of the boat to keep yourself, your family or crew safe.

marine surveyors - marine surveyExperienced marine surveyor could also advise you on the type of the boat to meet your needs. Getting a survey done prior to purchase will become very handy if you want to insure your investment as most of the insurance companies require an acceptable survey on the vessel. This is another good reason why survey of the boat should be a condition of purchase to begin with.

Surveying report should not only reveal general condition of the boat but should also ensure the buyer of the condition of the machinery and equipment used on the boat. It will also check standards and condition of material used for different parts of the equipment making sure that materials used are suitable to specific vessel.

Marine surveyors often work closely with insurance companies on different claims but they are not directly employed by them. They are employed by clients to asses' condition of the vessel.

There are four types of Marine Surveyors

Government surveyors inspect ships for general safety standards. They also carry out survey for vessel registration. Government surveyors belong to two groups; Flag State Surveyors and Port State Surveyors.

Classification surveyors perform survey to make sure that the ship and its equipment is built to required standards

Private Surveyors usually perform wide range of examination of the ship, investigating accidents and preparing accident reports

Yacht and Small Craft Surveyors inspect smaller boats usually used for pleasure

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