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Land Surveyor Safety

No matter what career path you choose, the safety of you and your colleagues should always be your number one priority. Jobs that involve working outdoors and with heavy equipment are some of the most dangerous professions and thousands of people are injured every single year across the USA while on the job. In today's guide we shall look at land surveyor safety and how you can ensure that you stay safe.

Importance of Land Surveyor Safety

Land surveying may be a seemingly safe job, however there are many hazardous situations that land surveyors find themselves in that may compromise their safety. Land surveyors are constantly on the move and working at different sites. In many cases they may be working on construction sites where there are obvious land surveyor safety issues.

land surveyor safetyIt is important that land surveyors are aware of the potential hazards that surround them and take the correct precautions to limit the possibility of injury while at work.

The National Safety Council lists occupations such as construction laborers, mining workers and timber cutters among some of the most dangerous occupations. Land surveyors may not be directly involved in these occupations but they will find themselves in similar situations and often working beside them -putting them in the same danger.

Land surveyor safety must be taken seriously. Below we shall look at some of the ways in which you can ensure maximum land surveyor safety.

Vehicle and Road Land Surveyor Safety

Most land surveyors will spend a lot of time on the road driving to different sites and additionally a lot of time is often spent along roadsides or close by to fast moving traffic.

Thousands of people are killed each year on the road so it is important that you practice safe driving both during your private time and at work. Some of the ways in which you can ensure land surveyor safety when on the road are: to practice defensive driving; wear your seatbelt; always use a strobe light on your surveyor vehicle and make sure that all cargo is securely fastened and away from passengers.

When working on a roadside you are always faced with potential hazards. Most states have regulations that land surveyors must follow regarding roadside safety - not only for themselves but for drivers on the road. The majority of states require you to have a permit before being allowed to work on the roadside. You can find details on roadside land surveyor safety on the official websites and they include information about the correct use of flags, cones and more. It is important that you always wear a safety vest when working roadside.

Land Surveyor Safety in Different Situations

Land surveyors are required to work in a wide range of situations ranging from construction sites through to very remote areas. You need to adjust your land surveyor safety plan accordingly.

If you are working on a construction site then there will already be regulations that must be obeyed by to gain access onto the site. These include: wearing a hard hat, wearing appropriate footwear and clothing, and being general aware of your surroundings and others around you. Construction sites are very dangerous and care should always be taken.

If you are working at a site that is in the countryside you will need to adjust your land surveyor safety plan to suit the potential hazards you may face. Despite the lack of cars or heavy machinery, there are still land surveyor safety issues to be aware of.

In very remote areas you will often not have cell phone signal - you need to work out a communication plan to allow yourself to stay in contact with your crew. Walky-talkies are a great idea in this situation.

Potential hazards when working in rural areas include wild animals, poisonous plants, slick logs and fallen timber to name just a few.

Land surveyors spend a lot of time working outdoors and need to be vigilant when it comes to sun safety. Even if the sun is not very hot your skin will still be damaged by over exposure, so it is important that you cover up and wear UV protection at all times.

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