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Land Surveying Businesses

There are thousands of land surveying businesses across the USA and land surveyors are constantly in demand by a wide range of industries. In today's guide we shall look at what land surveying businesses can do for you and how to choose them.

Who Needs Land Surveying Businesses?

Many people don't realize the diversity of land surveying businesses. The government is the biggest employer of land surveying businesses and they regularly request the services of land surveying businesses literally on a daily basis. Land surveying businesses are required to perform a range of land surveys on construction sites, mining sites, private property and more.

land surveying businessesMany individuals also seek land surveying businesses for a range of purposes. However, one of the most common reasons for needing a land surveying business is to create a land survey that indicates the precise boundaries of your property.

In many cases land ownership records that can be found on file will often contradict the real property boundaries. A licensed land surveying business uses a range of methods - including legal research - to be able to tell you the true boundaries of your land. This can be incredible useful if you find yourself in any legal discrepancies regarding ownership of your land.

Types of Land Surveying Businesses

As land surveying is such a broad area, many land surveying businesses specialize in certain areas of land surveying. Larger land surveying businesses may be able to offer a wide range of different land survey types to their clients.

Most land surveyor businesses are able to offer you boundary surveys - the type of land survey that we looked at earlier that can give you the exact property lines of a piece of land.

However, there are dozens of other types of land surveys that are commonly required, some of which require specialist land surveying businesses. Some of these types include hydrographic land surveys, engineering land surveys, geodesic land surveys and more.

If you require a more complex type of land survey then you will need to find a land survey business that specializes and has experience in the particular area that you are after.

Choosing Land Surveying Businesses

Just as when choosing any type of business or service, you need to take several things into consideration before choosing land surveying businesses.

The first point we already mentioned above is that you need to ensure that whichever land surveying businesses you choose are able to perform the correct land survey for your particular requirements. Ask them to provide references and examples of similar past clients that they have worked with if you are unsure of the quality of their work.

The cost of land surveying businesses will vary and you will be required to request a quote prior to them starting any work. The reason for the quote is that no job is ever the same and they need to assess how much work will be required to perform the task you require. The more information you can provide the land surveying businesses the more easily they can create a quote for you.

More complex land surveys will be more expensive than simpler ones such as boundary surveys. Other factors that may influence the cost of your land survey include terrain, accessibility, shape and size of the property and vegetation.

Don't just choose a land surveying business based on the price they quote, always assess the quality of the job they will be providing. Bear in mind that the more experience a land surveying business has in your local area the quicker they can usually complete the job so the cost may work out the same as using a less experienced land surveying business.

Finding Land Surveying Businesses

Finding land surveying businesses is easy. The internet has made it very simple to find land surveying businesses and most large ones have their own websites through which you can contact them.

You can also use an online directory to locate land surveying businesses in your area - alternatively you can use your standard local directory.

Always try and seek out personal recommendations from friends and colleagues to see if they have had any good or bad experiences with local land surveying businesses.


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