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Building Survey Dampness

Every examined property should be reviewed and compared to buildings constructed to current standards. Any aberrance of the standards should be carefully considerate and clients should be advised accordingly. Good standards should be having damp-proof membrane in solid floors and damp-proof courses in all walls so the passage of moisture is avoided.

Many older buildings wouldn't meet current standards but the fact that building is modern won't ensure good standards either. There might be a problems occurring of poor cavity walls and other defects on the building. Building surveyor should examined all the faults and point them to the clients.

building survey - dampnessWith the properties with lack of clearance to damp-proof courses it is high recommended to lower the ground or creating the channel around the wall with adequate drainage. If the channel doesn't drain properly it could do more damage than good as it will exacerbate any dampness.

Damp-proof courses become less effective with age and if building surveyor find defects or poor performance of damp-proof courses these should be treated either by chemical injection, electro-osmosis or inserting new damp-proof courses in sections.

If during the survey damp problem is found, it is very important to confirm reason of rising damp. There are many cases where reason of dampness is not caused by the failure of the damp-proof courses but from penetration or bridging. All defects should be first eliminated and be observed for period of time as most of them are treatable with just simple steps.

However if building survey proves dampness being caused by failure of damp-proof courses, all walls will need an attention as there will be all the same age and type unless there is a part of the building that is from the different periods.

Building surveyor should be able to say after examination of the property if the specialist's work of contractors is necessary.


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